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Dawn at Newenden   6 comments

After what seems like weeks of murky weather the sun finally made an appearance. It had to burn through the mist dwelling in the valley where the River Rother passes through Newenden, but of course that creates a beautiful sunrise.

Whilst looking for photo opportunities on the river bank a man with two labradors, one brown and one black emerged from the mist. The dogs said hello and muddied my jeans then disappeared with their owner into the mist. Some time passed, and shrouded in the mist I felt quite alone. Sound travels well in the mist however and I heard two spashes, clearly the dogs had leapt into the river. Then I heard the owner:

(In an assertive voice) “Ben! Ben!, get here. Ben! Get here now. Good boy”

“Bill!, Bill!, Bill!, get over here. Bill! BILL! BILL! COME ‘ERE!”

(In an angry voice) “BILL!, BILL! Right, that’s it, come here NOW! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!

Gradually the owner descended to pleading to get Bill to come in from his swim: “Biiiilll, Pleeease! Biiiillll!

My parents haveĀ  always owned labradors. We’ve never had one that came back until it felt was good and ready, and it was amusing to hear someone else lose the battle of wills with their labrador.

Posted November 18, 2011 by Kieron Pelling in Landscapes, Photography

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