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No. 1 London Bridge   6 comments

No. 1 London Bridge sits right on the Thames, by London Bridge of all places. I normally walk by without giving it too much attention, and although the design is unusual I don’t really like it. On this occasion however I walked past it on the opposite side of the street  that I normally do and noticed the reflection of the bright blue skies and skyline.

I think I missed the best place to photograph this building however, I like the view that this photographer chose.


The Shard   5 comments

The Shard in London is nearing completion and has recently become the tallest structure in Europe at 310 meters. It hurts the neck to look up at it, but the views from the observation deck will be magnificent. There will be three floors of restaurants as well as offices, a hotel and apartments as shown on it’s nice website. The cost of construction so far is £450 million but fortunately not to the Great British tax payer which is probably why there isn’t much controversy surrounding it, apart from the Daily Mail suggesting that Qatar is slowly taking over London.

I like how, from this view, the building looks rather pleased with itself.

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