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Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Winchelsea   4 comments

Winchelsea is a small village in East Sussex with a fascinating history. A hint of it’s previous importance can be seen in the Church of St Thomas the Martyr, the only remaining one of three churches that the town once sustained. It was once the size of a small cathedral, however only the chancel remains. The reason for the deconstruction is not known for sure, raids by the French is one possible reason, or the church was downsized to reduce the tax burden when the community was impoverished.

Although the weather looks pleasant in these photos, it was so cold it was making my hands ache. I planned to spend more time here, but it’s hard to be creative when most of my thoughts were on returning to the warmth of the car.  There is so much to photograph in Winchelsea though and I will be back, but on a warmer day.


No. 1 London Bridge   6 comments

No. 1 London Bridge sits right on the Thames, by London Bridge of all places. I normally walk by without giving it too much attention, and although the design is unusual I don’t really like it. On this occasion however I walked past it on the opposite side of the street  that I normally do and noticed the reflection of the bright blue skies and skyline.

I think I missed the best place to photograph this building however, I like the view that this photographer chose.

Bluebells   6 comments

This time last year my local woods were a sea of blue, so I was looking forward to seeing a similar display this year. Sadly the erratic weather we have had has impacted on the numbers of bluebells that have flowered. It is still very pretty though. Even better than that is, being the massive cheapskate that I am, I don’t have to pay an entrance fee like you do at some privately owned woods.

White Wood Anemones also known as the The White Goddess compliment the display. Bluebells are often one of the indicator species of ancient woodland.

The UK is estimated to be home to up to 50% of all the world’s natural bluebells. I’m lucky to have them right on my doorstep.

Silver Birches   10 comments

Walking through the woods the other day I thought that this wall of trees might make an interesting picture. It was overcast so there was not a great deal of colour to bring out, especially as many of the trees are silver birches. I converted the picture to black and white and ramped up the contrast to add some depth. I’m not sure if it works as a composition, what do you think?

The Shard   5 comments

The Shard in London is nearing completion and has recently become the tallest structure in Europe at 310 meters. It hurts the neck to look up at it, but the views from the observation deck will be magnificent. There will be three floors of restaurants as well as offices, a hotel and apartments as shown on it’s nice website. The cost of construction so far is £450 million but fortunately not to the Great British tax payer which is probably why there isn’t much controversy surrounding it, apart from the Daily Mail suggesting that Qatar is slowly taking over London.

I like how, from this view, the building looks rather pleased with itself.

A view across Rye Harbour Nature Reserve   3 comments

This view is looking east, close to Castle Water. This land is part of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, a large reserve that can be viewed on Google Maps here. To the left of the fence is a chemical plant, from which some sweet smells waft across the reserve when the wind is right. An accident at the plant in 2009 saw 360 tonnes of flamable chemicals spill out after a storage tank collapsed. Sadly no mutant superheroes have appeared as the result of the accident.

Bodiam Castle   6 comments

Bodiam Castle, built in 1395 is another reminder that the landscape in East Sussex used to be much different. It was built to protect from French raids up the River Rother, when the river was navigable up to that point. It is a lovely ruin and has been photographed beautifully by many people, as a Google image search reveals.I didn’t want to take a generic photography of the castle, so I’m pleased that the Google search, at least on search page 1, doesn’t have a similar photograph! Do they work as a composition though? Your opinions would be welcome!


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