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Strong Winds 3   6 comments

Finally, a couple more pictures from the other side of the Harbour Arm. The trick here was to get some photographs before the lens got covered in spray. It’s exhilarating being so close, hearing the waves crashing and feeling the spray on your face (and tasting the salt when you lick your lips).

Not all of the fishing fleet was in, you can see the drag marks of a few of the boats to the left. When you need to make a living a bit of wind doesn’t get in the way.

Strong Winds 2   6 comments

Following the photos I took in my last post, I walked closer to the Harbour Arm. Here the incoming waves are forced into the dead end it makes and increase in size and force, creating the drama seen here.

Strong Winds 1   9 comments

This week has seen some strong winds and showers, so I went down to the beach on the way to work to take some pictures. I like the sense of motion in this one.

In this shot I wanted to convey how small the beach looks when the sea is as rough as it was today.

The Harbour Arm   6 comments

Along with the Pier the Harbour Arm is the other major feature of Hastings beach front. It has featured in some of my posts already and will again. During construction in the 1890’s engineers found that the sea bed where the harbour arm ends changed from stable sandstone and gravel to the unstable mud of an old river bed. Faced with sprialling costs the project was abandoned. Although not completed the arm has helped build the long shingle beach that stretches between it and the pier. To see the difference 120 years makes compare this picture to this one here. That’s what longshore drift does.

Stormy Weather   5 comments

This week has seen the first really bad weather we have had for a while. It’s not been one long week of strong winds and rain though, there have been periods where the clouds have cleared and the wind dropped. It was during one of those periods that these were taken.

The wind wasn’t too bad at the time, but the waves rolling in were still quite impressive. The spray coming off the crest of the way was nicely highlighted by the sun which was slowly being obscured by the incoming rain.

To give an idea of how high the waves were, some of them were reaching the top of the Harbour Arm. In truth I’d hoped the winds would be stronger as the sight of them smashing onto the beach and Harbour arm is spectacular. I’ll have to wait for that though.



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Pioneer NN200   Leave a comment

If you type Pioneer NN200 into Google you can find manyphotosofthisboat. I was quite suprised at first, I was only looking to see if I could find some information about it. I shouldn’t have been suprised really, as it’s impressively battered and with it’s bright colours it is a draw for a photographer.

All of the pictures on Google show Pioneer on the beach, so I’m pleased that this one is different to those. On this day it was waiting around, having just been launched. For those that are interested, most Hastings Fishing Fleet boats are registered RX for Rye. This one was registered at Newhaven.

I like this picture for a few reasons, particularly the rubber gloves on the end of the poles and the reflection of the sun on the water where it laps at the harbour arm.

Birds on the Beach   Leave a comment

Seagulls, thousands of them. Hunting for food in the low tide like proper birds, which makes a nice change from them pinching their food from toddlers, bins and the ducks in the park.

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Hastings Harbour Arm   Leave a comment

A breezy day on Hastings Beach, with the wind blowing spray from the crest of the waves.

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