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In my local park the ducks are alway’s bullied out of getting bread by the seagulls. It’s different inland at Bodiam Castle, here the ducks are the alpha bird and dozens of them gather around visitors with bread to throw at them. Just look at how intense that stare is.

These ducks were sat on a raised area, so the moat between the bank and the wall cannot be seen. These ducks weren’t interested in being fed. I suspect they had been gorging all morning as the weather was good and there were plenty of visitors.

Here’s a thing I read about ducks, and I’ve never been able to look at one since without noticing. Ducks wear dog masks. If that doesn’t make sense, this graphic explains it perfectly…

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Bodiam Castle   6 comments

Bodiam Castle, built in 1395 is another reminder that the landscape in East Sussex used to be much different. It was built to protect from French raids up the River Rother, when the river was navigable up to that point. It is a lovely ruin and has been photographed beautifully by many people, as a Google image search reveals.I didn’t want to take a generic photography of the castle, so I’m pleased that the Google search, at least on search page 1, doesn’t have a similar photograph! Do they work as a composition though? Your opinions would be welcome!


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