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Strong Winds 3   6 comments

Finally, a couple more pictures from the other side of the Harbour Arm. The trick here was to get some photographs before the lens got covered in spray. It’s exhilarating being so close, hearing the waves crashing and feeling the spray on your face (and tasting the salt when you lick your lips).

Not all of the fishing fleet was in, you can see the drag marks of a few of the boats to the left. When you need to make a living a bit of wind doesn’t get in the way.

Hastings Beach   Leave a comment

This photo shows the Alfie Elliot being launched. The wooden sleepers that help move the boat over the shingle can be seen by the three men on the left. The boat is being given a final shove into the sea. When it comes back it will be hauled up to its mooring in the same way. I took  a number of shots as it slid into the water, this one at the point of entry turned out the best. I debated cropping the image closer, but I think leaving as it is adds some context to the scene.

The picture below was taken a short time earlier, a bit of colour in the sky and waves normally combine to make a nice photo.



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The Castle from Hastings Station   1 comment

In my last post I said that the castle is one of the key visual features of the town. Visitors travelling by train are greeted with this scene as they exit the station. It almost sums up Hastings in one view with the fishing boat, the castle and a mix of modern and old buildings. I have omitted the ugly 70’s office block (which is where I work) that is just to the right of this view!

Pioneer NN200   Leave a comment

If you type Pioneer NN200 into Google you can find manyphotosofthisboat. I was quite suprised at first, I was only looking to see if I could find some information about it. I shouldn’t have been suprised really, as it’s impressively battered and with it’s bright colours it is a draw for a photographer.

All of the pictures on Google show Pioneer on the beach, so I’m pleased that this one is different to those. On this day it was waiting around, having just been launched. For those that are interested, most Hastings Fishing Fleet boats are registered RX for Rye. This one was registered at Newhaven.

I like this picture for a few reasons, particularly the rubber gloves on the end of the poles and the reflection of the sun on the water where it laps at the harbour arm.

Hastings Fishing Fleet   1 comment

Everyone* takes pictures of the Hastings Fishing Fleet, so here is one from me.

The boats are registered to Rye as that town still has official port status. Hastings hasn’t been a port since the middle ages. Repeated raids by the French during the 1300’s meant that the town went into decline. The old port, which used to be where the present town centre is, slowly silted up after the St Lucia flood that had a huge effect on the coasts of England, Holland and Germany.

*By ‘Everyone’ I mean those that have visited Hastings, seen the fleet and taken a photo.



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Abandoned Fishing Boat at Dungeness   Leave a comment

On the beach near the two lighthouses and the nuclear power station there are a number of abandoned boats and fishing huts. The whole area is great for photography.

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Hastings Fishing Boats   Leave a comment

Two fishing boats at sunset.

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Rye Harbour   Leave a comment

Three boats exiting the River Rother at Rye Harbour.

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