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Silver Birches   10 comments

Walking through the woods the other day I thought that this wall of trees might make an interesting picture. It was overcast so there was not a great deal of colour to bring out, especially as many of the trees are silver birches. I converted the picture to black and white and ramped up the contrast to add some depth. I’m not sure if it works as a composition, what do you think?

Crime Scene   1 comment

The killer left a clue.  I wonder if I disturbed a wild cat before it could eat the mouse* or whether it was a domestic cat from the nearby caravan park killing for fun. Whatever it was, it paused on the step long enough to melt the frost. Did it wait there to catch the mouse or stand there triumphant after it made the kill?

*I think it’s a cats paw prints and a mouse – let me know if I think wrong!

Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh   2 comments

Fairview Church sits in the middle of a field, in the middle of Romney Marsh. In 1595 there used to be a village here named Fayrefelde but it has long gone. According to it’s rumored that the church was originally built in 1200’s after a traveller (or the Archbishop of Canterbury) fell into a dyke and nearly drowned, but was saved after praying to Thomas a Becket.  It was rebuilt using some of the original timbers in 1913.

The morning these photographs were taken was overcast, damp and windy. The original colour photographs were a bit flat and dull as a result so I thought these would look better in black & white.

The church has no boundary or gravestones. Services are no longer held there, but it is still maintained by the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust.

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