Strong Winds 1   9 comments

This week has seen some strong winds and showers, so I went down to the beach on the way to work to take some pictures. I like the sense of motion in this one.

In this shot I wanted to convey how small the beach looks when the sea is as rough as it was today.

9 responses to “Strong Winds 1

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  1. It is strange reading blogs not just from here in the U.K. but from arround the world and realising that the weather and its effects has such a big influence on all these pages. It also highlights the changing pattern of our global climate. But leaving all that to oneside…..I do love a rough sea (just so long as I am on terra firma)

  2. Smashing shots. Powerful scene, beach, sea and sky…
    Andy O.

  3. Moody and powerful. Love the sunlight hitting the sea near the horizon in the first image.

  4. I second Steve’s comment, the light on the horizon brings all the slatey colours into relief. To me the harbour arm and groyne look almost like boats adrift

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