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This time last year my local woods were a sea of blue, so I was looking forward to seeing a similar display this year. Sadly the erratic weather we have had has impacted on the numbers of bluebells that have flowered. It is still very pretty though. Even better than that is, being the massive cheapskate that I am, I don’t have to pay an entrance fee like you do at some privately owned woods.

White Wood Anemones also known as the The White Goddess compliment the display. Bluebells are often one of the indicator species of ancient woodland.

The UK is estimated to be home to up to 50% of all the world’s natural bluebells. I’m lucky to have them right on my doorstep.


6 responses to “Bluebells

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  1. I love bluebells, and you’ve captured them beautifully! Thanks for sharing – looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

  2. Still early for the massed Bluebells here in Derbyshire. I reckon another week then we will have the big displays ….and that is probably 2/3 weeks earlier than last year. Odd seasons these days!

  3. I agree that it is a little early – in sheltered spots they are blooming but I think another week will do it – especially if we have a return of the warm weather we enjoyed couple of weeks ago. Way that wind feels today though , I wouldn’t rule out snow!

  4. I like spring,provided of course that the weather is fair.
    Winter is over for me, when the primroses appear, bluebells should then arrive to confirm springs arrival.

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