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The Shard in London is nearing completion and has recently become the tallest structure in Europe at 310 meters. It hurts the neck to look up at it, but the views from the observation deck will be magnificent. There will be three floors of restaurants as well as offices, a hotel and apartments as shown on it’s nice website. The cost of construction so far is £450 million but fortunately not to the Great British tax payer which is probably why there isn’t much controversy surrounding it, apart from the Daily Mail suggesting that Qatar is slowly taking over London.

I like how, from this view, the building looks rather pleased with itself.

5 responses to “The Shard

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  1. Yes, watched it go up – it is extremely impressive and your photos – especially the second one – bring this out

  2. What a monstrosity! Ugly, an eyesore, a waste of money and other resources, and frankly, another white elephant to plague London’s skyline.

  3. Great pictures of the Shard. It was said that the London eye was going to be an eye sore and doesn’t belong, It does belong and is an accepted part of the London skyline, as will the Shard be! Great engineering, built in England.

  4. Very much looking forward to visiting The Shard after it’s completed… looks amazing.

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